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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spondylolisthesis Story #6: Louise (Grade 1)

Louise - Spondylolisthesis Story (Grade 1)

I have a Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis at the L5/S1, with Bilateral Pars Fractures. I have been told recently that I should have surgery for this, which obviously I don't want, as it seems terrifying. They want to pin/screw the fractures in place. Then, depending on some x-rays, they will see how the discs are; if they are bad they want to do a fusion with bone graft. 

I will be seeking a second, and maybe even a third doctor's opinion, as I don't want to rush into any surgery. It is a scary prospect and all the people who have had it must be really brave. My pain isn't constant, and when I don't have it or it is bearable, I often think it's not that bad, or kid myself that it's not something that needs surgery. But then I have times when it hurts incredibly to sit, stand, walk, lie down or bend, and all I want to do is scream. I take Tramadol, which is like an opiate, but that really doesn't do much for me at all except make me sleepy. I quite often think if I feel like this with just a grade one, I would hate to think what people with higher grades must experience!

I have a few other things as well, like Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, two bulging discs and Osteophytes, which I think are narrowing some joint spaces. I have been doing physio with someone recommended by the consultant I am seeing. I can't say that it's helping so far (it's been three months, don't know if that's long enough to tell).

- Louise 

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