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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spondylolisthesis Story #3: Raj (Grade 1)

  • Raj - Spondylolisthesis Story (Grade 1)

    Hi Everyone, This is my story about Spondylolisthesis. Every thing was going good in my life; I just got married in December 2010. Life was looking beautiful. But then I was diagnosed in July 2011 with a grade 1 Spondylolisthesis at L5 S1. I was 26. At that time I took rest from my office and went to many doctors for consultation. I was hoping it was not a big problem, but when I came to know about Spondylolisthesis, and it's effects on daily life, I went into a depression for the first three months after learning this. I was a very active person and I was running my own business, so for this I had to do a lot of meetings, sometimes I had to do more than 4-5 meetings in a day. At that time I was confused as to how to manage everything and what to do next. But, my business partner is my wife, and family supports me a lot. It's helped me a lot recovering from the depression. I've tried the medications, physical therapy and a back brace. After two months my back pain was less. The only thing that hurts me a lot, is that sometimes my mom and dad have to lift heavy weight instead of me, because I can no longer do the lifting. But I am happy that I was diagnosed at an earlier stage.

    The condition effects my daily activities now, so I have to do less activity. I feel more pain when I sleep on left side, so I can't sleep on left side anymore. At work I usually take a break after 1 hour of being seated. If I work more then 7-8 hours a day, then it hurts. I'm not taking medicine for pain, just doing regular PT. Doing exercise daily has really helped a lot of the pain and so does heat. I love long drives with family and lots of other activities, which I can't do now. I always have fear of long traveling and bumpy roads. I feel pain in my lower back and buttocks when I do longer traveling of more than 1 hour. Truly speaking, I'm not in such real pain now. As for surgery, I'm not thinking of that. I want to spent my life without doing any surgery. Went to the doctor and he said it's not moving forward ... it is stable. But I have to do a x-ray every 90 days.

    It's Life. Sometimes God gives us lots of happiness, and sometimes we are on the other side.

    - Raj

    Raj Prajapati Pre-Op X-Ray Grade 1

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